Archived Calendar for the League of Women Voters of Columbia-Boone County, 2002-2014



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Snow Policy: If Columbia Public Schools are canceled due to snow, LWV will not attempt to hold meetings that day or evening.


Color Key:

Red Text = General Public Events and important deadlines

Purple Background=Monthly Lunch & Learn Meetings - All members and prospective members welcome...a great way to get to know the League and inform yourself on key topics.  

Gray Background = LWV Board Meeting.  Board meetings are generally at the Broadway Christian Church

Orange Background=LWV on TV or Radio

Green Background=Energy Matters Committee Meetings - All welcome

Blue Background=Civil Liberties Committee Meetings - All welcome

Teal Background=Peace Committee Meetings - All welcome

Pink Background=Voter Service Committee Meetings - All welcome

Bright Green Background=Education Committee Meetings - All welcome

Aqua Background=Study Committee Meetings - All welcome

Yellow Background=General community events some League members are participating in as coalition members

 Pea green background   = Fundraising Committee Meetings - All welcome
Burgundy Text=Health Committee meetings 

Navy Text = LWV-MO events  



Past Events (2012-2014)


Past Events (2009-2011)


Past Events (May 2006-2008)


Past Events (2002-April 2006)


Instructions for adding or changing events:


When adding events...

To change thebackground color of a block of text (e.g. to mark a committee meeting), use the second button in the second row of buttons in the edit panel (the tipped bucket with colors, next to the T with colors).

To change the text color to red, use the first button in the second row of buttons in the edit panel (the T with colors). Choose the brighter red.

To insert a link to another Web page, use the Link button in the top row of buttons in the edit panel. The button has a globe with 2 chain links. In the first pulldown in the box that appears, pick "URL.">

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In order to make it possible for more than one person to make updates to the calendar, Rachel has put this calendar onto a special online program called a "wiki." Wiki software normally costs money ($5 a month), but this wiki is free. In exchange for the free wiki, we tolerate ads and limited choices in colors, background, etc. If you have questions, contact Rachel Brekhus at

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